Home time for Yarra and Warra!

Yarra the Ring Tailed Possum and Warra the Rock Wallaby will be going home with our students this term as part of our 3 year old kinder literacy experience. These animals will visit a different home each week with their bag and diary book.

This is will be very exciting for the children and the activity in the form of diary entries, will provide a snapshot of family life for all the children to share, as we read them during our mat time conversations.

Why do we ask families to participate in our visiting native animals literacy activity?

Yarra the Possum, Warra the Wallaby and their travelling diaries are an integral part of our three year old kinder program's literacy philosophy. Our visiting native animal’s literacy activity assists in supporting the relationship between kinder and home. This relationship between two of the most important aspects of a child's life promotes in children a sense of belonging to family and to their wider preschool community. This form of literacy sharing experience also develops self esteem, social and emotional connectedness and resilience. Our visiting native animals experience also promotes literacy development through written words, visual illustrations, oral storytelling, dramatic and imaginative play activities.

Frameworks learning outcomes:

Identity: Children have a strong sense of identity

Community: Children are connected with and contribute to their


Wellbeing: Children have astrong sense of wellbeing

Learning: Children are confident and involved learners

Communication: Children are effective communicators