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Kindergarten children are confident in spirit, infinite in resources, and eager to learn.  Everything is still possible.”

- Robert Fulghum (Author)

4 Year Old Program

This is the magical year of kinder.  


Your child’s mind is ready to learn and they start to socialise and make new friends.  In the Yarra Warra Preschool and Bush Kinder environment, coupled with our excellent educators - well, 4 year old kinder will be a year of memories and will hold a special place in your child’s heart.


The 4 year old kindergarten and bush kinder programs are based on RESPECT for ourselves, each other and our learning environment.  Play and learning are intertwined with strong links to literacy and numeracy, science, the creative arts and physical and emotional development.  Engaged and interested children are the main focus of our program.


There is so much that the 4 year old kinder program offers, here is a little about what the Yarra Warra kinder kids enjoy.



Our bush kinder is the only on-site dedicated bush kinder in Melbourne and runs as part of the 4 year old program.  With two dedicated bush kinder sessions every week (within the 4 year old timetable), the 4 year old kinder kids get to explore over the fence in our bush block overlooking the Yarra River.  


Our bush landscape naturally fosters our learning about concepts such as environment, sustainability and ecosystems. This space invites open ended interactions, spontaneity, risk taking, exploration, discovery and connection with nature.


From building shelters in summer, to cosying around the firepit in winter, our bush kinder is an amazing, one of a kind, experience not to be missed. Read more about our bush kinder.



Each session begins with the children creating a sharing circle on the mat. We greet each other to demonstrate respect to the original landowners with WOMINJEKA.  Provocations placed in the middle of our circle are discussed and children also have the opportunity to share individual news.


After sharing time, the children spread out to engage in small group work.  Our learning environments are designed and continually modified to reflect the children’s developmental needs, group inquiries and interests.  Within our indoor learning spaces, children may be asked to work on a specific task (adult driven), choose their own activity or continue to work on a set project initiated by themselves.  At the conclusion of inside time, the children once again meet for a group experience, which may include music, dramatisations, movement or games. At the end of the session we conclude with a story and songs.

In the outdoor classrooms, kinder and bush kinder, children may be directed to Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) activities to enhance gross motor skills or engage in unstructured play to fulfill independent interests.  Fostered in these outdoor classrooms is the practice of learning through play. Favourites such as the trickle stream and sandpit invite children to develop physics skills and teamwork as they create organised systems to manage water and objects.  The mud kitchen/cafe is a place for creative cuppas and mudcakes, and a place for building social skills. The playground facilitates personal awareness and risk-taking.

At the conclusion of outside time, there is always a period of reflection as a group, to share and acknowledge new discoveries and growth.


At least two Excursions / incursions are included in the program. The nature of these are decided on a year to year basis by the teachers. 


On different days, the 4 year old children are able to borrow from our kinder library, and present items of interest that they have brought from home for ‘show and tell’.  The children are encouraged to learn and conduct primary school behaviours. Both 4 year old groups are participating in the Resilience Project, focusing on three key pillars proven to cultivate positive emotion; Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness.


Bush kinder
Egg hatching and chick raising
Mother’s Day concert and pampering session

Community Walk
Grandparents and special persons day
Joe the Rhythm Man incursion
Father’s Day evening and night walk
Xavier the Reptile Man incursion
Science incursion
Christmas concert and party


We offer T-shirts, Short sleeve Polo, Windcheaters, Hats in a variety of colours for purchase.

Kinder uniforms are available to be ordered at any time throughout the year by contacting



Families are welcome to visit Yarra Warra Preschool and Bush Kinder.  If you would like to book a tour or have any further queries regarding enrolment, please contact:

4 Year Old Enrolment Officer


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