"Think left and think right
and think low and think high.
Oh, the thinks you can think up
if only you try!"

- Dr Seuss


How much early childhood philosophy really goes into a kinder education program?  Well we can tell you...our teachers think about our programs constantly.  They continue to develop, reflect, review and consider outside influences on our children’s individual development to ensure they are on track to being awesome little human beings.


A variety of pedagogical influences inspire our kindergarten learning programs such as:


We also draw from the unique characteristics of:

  • The strong Warrandyte community spirit.

  • Outdoor education in our natural bush setting.


While you could read all day about the many extensively researched kindergarten learning models, here is a summary of Yarra Warra Preschool & Bush Kinder’s philosophical approach:



Our program is influenced by our Warrandyte community. Our centre believes that all children and families play a vital role within preschool education by contributing, sharing and respecting others (being).  That we feel a sense of belonging within our community, and that we are all constantly growing, evolving, questioning, contributing and connecting with out community (becoming).



Play is the basis of our preschool learning.  Through play the children learn how to expand their minds through experiment/problem solving, exploring, hypothesising, discovering, testing and modifying their ideas, applying and communicating their understanding.  Our quality North Warrandyte bush based centre makes all these developments so much fun!



We focus on what the child can do and contribute as necessary to creatively extend ideas and constantly assess and reflect.  Our child-lead program means the children’s own interests set the agenda. Our teacher and child led learning is ‘entwined learning’, focusing on set outcomes and child led interests.  The curriculum is informed by our community and includes reforming education: manners, caring for ourselves and each other, respect for ourselves and others, and our environment that we work in.


Our conforming component involves literacy, numeracy, music, science etc.  The transforming component allows us to encourage altruistic thinking, social decisions and discovery beyond ourselves.



Our special Warrandyte location, overlooking the Yarra River, provides plenty of opportunity to explore our natural environment and the experiences it has to offer.  While outdoors in nature, a child is more likely to encounter opportunities for decision making that stimulate problem solving and creative thinking because outdoor spaces are more varied and less structured than indoor spaces.



Our provocations and learning are documented via the group journals and individual journals for each child.  These journals are an important recording of each child’s journey and experiences during the year. At the end of the 4-5 year kindergarten year, your child will receive a transition statement to help your chosen school to get better acquainted with your Yarra Warra Preschool child.



We believe that children have a strong sense of identity and wellbeing; that children are connected and contribute to their world (community), and are confident and involved learners and effective communicators.  These five outcomes are essential for assisting and developing children.



We continue to aspire to be the best we can be in early childhood education.  Our reflective practice means we maintain an open ended research project between teachers, parents, children and the community.  Our ongoing analysis process ensures our current practices are examined, outcomes are reviewed and new ideas are generated.

If you would like to know more about Yarra Warra’s kindergarten philosophy and educational values, we encourage you to speak with one of our very experienced teachers and even arrange a tour to see for yourself how our philosophies are evident in our extremely engaging environment.