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“A wonderful, caring preschool with incredible staff. Rich learning experiences.”


- Gen, Yarra Warra parent

Sessional Kindergarten


We are so lucky here at Yarra Warra Preschool and Bush Kinder to still operate a true sessional kinder.  The difference between ‘normal’ kinder and sessional kinder is special and the bonds your children will make will be the beginning of special friendships that last a lifetime.


We are experts in this field.  Our educators are passionate about sessional kinder programs and the positive impact it has on the children in our community.


Sessional kinders provide a service that is entirely focused on the kids.  Being a sessional kindergarten we offer more structure compared to long day care centres and is a great launching pad to the education system.


Sessional preschool benefits include:

Stronger bonds and friendship circles

Your child will make great friends through:

  • the consistency of having the same classmates for each session, all year

  • attending the same hours, same days as every other child for the set sessions

  • pick up and drop off times are the same for everyone, meaning your child becomes familiar with the parent and family community.



The structure of sessional kinder enables our educators to focus on the whole child and do not need to compromise to cater to longer sessions.
(Although Yarra Warra now offers additional extended care program, beyond the sessional timetable to help those families that require longer days).



There are many opportunities to meet other parents and carers at the consistent drop off and pick-up times that sessional kindergarten provides, with regular opportunities to meet as you are all there at the same time.


Experience a greater sense of community not only through the operations of a sessional kinder, but also by experiencing the comradery spirit of Warrandyte.


Extensive variety of methods to achieve learning outcomes.



As the kinder runs to department class sizes.  This means the room is not over-crowded and your child becomes familiar with everyone in the room.



Our stimulating and aesthetically assembled indoor and outdoor environments become the 'third teacher' within a carefully prepared setting. Staff arrange the learning environments to encourage or arouse interest in learning and ensure engaged children are able to investigate and extend their own learning. This way the child is empowered in pursuing knowledge in a well staged play setting. 



It has been said, that kinder kids are ‘school ready’ when they complete sessional kinder as the classroom structure replicates and prepares the child in many ways for the prep year.


Your child is most likely to make friends that they will transition to school with due to locations of sessional kinders.



If you would like to know more about the benefits of sessional kinder and how your child will enjoy our program, we encourage you to speak with one of our very experienced teachers and arrange a tour to see for yourself how amazing our preschool is.


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