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Parent Volunteers



ALL volunteer helpers (including parents, grandparents and other family members) will be required to obtain a Working with Children Check (WWCC) prior to volunteering at the Preschool. This new policy parallels the requirements in place at many primary schools already. The WWCC is required for kinder duty in any capacity, including classroom assistance, excursions and serving on the Committee. If you are asked to stay with your child beyond the regular drop off period, you will also need the WWCC.

If you have not yet obtained a WWCC, please follow the below link for more information.


It is quick and easy to apply for one and is also free when required for volunteers. We recommend both parents start this process now if you haven’t already done so. If you don’t have one you are unable to be a Parent Helper at the kindergarten in your child’s session. This is a highly recommended, rewarding activity – and possibly the only opportunity you will have to attend in this capacity during their education lifetime.


It is a requirement that the Executive Committee of Management members also have a police check.


You apply for these online via Australia Post at:  It is quite simple to complete online and then it is processed at Australia Post.

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