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Bush Kinder teaches sustainability

Yarra Warra Preschool is fortunate to be situated in the lush surrounds of North Warrandtye that is abundant in bushy landscapes and hillsides, lush waterways and home to diverse native flora and fauna. The beauty of this area is one in which we want to maintain and ensure our future generations cherish.

That’s why at Yarra Warra Preschool we are passionate about our teaching and learning of the environment and sustainability. We are so lucky that our preschool has an amazing bush kinder space where we can experience the beauty the area has to offer and that allows our concepts to be put into actions. Our program encourages the children to learn and appreciate their environment whilst being engaged in nature, play and fun!

The past two terms of this year our children have focussed on recycling, composting, soft plastic management, planting, taking care of nature and conserving water and energy. With our hands on approach, the children gain an insight into how to promote and live a sustainable future. Some of these practises include placing food scraps in the compost bin, sorting rubbish into the correct bins, using water tanks, turning off lights and fans before leaving the room, creating and maintaining garden patches and looking after our resident Blue-tongue lizard and fish. We encourage the children to practice these skills at home with their families.

We are so proud that our children are taking on many of these new skills, particularly extending this at home. This was evident during our time of online learning. Many of our families were proactive in their soft plastic collection, creating composts, separating rubbish and power supply management. These skills will continue to be developed and explored together. We love our preschool and our shire and will endeavour to take good care of it.

Connie x


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