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Caring about our Preschool with a Landcare Grant

With the return of some children to the preschool after time at home learning, we began our work on our Landcare grant (for a new fishpond and garden area) with the children. It is a community grant we received last year that stipulates community involvement, but we knew that in these changed times we could not ask our parent body (during Covid-19) to help. We knew we had the right group of workers when I moved some rock pavers at Kinder. I was asked by a group of enthusiastic Kinder Kids led by Ned, Thomas. C, Noah, Stevie, Harvey, and Josef if I needed help as they raced to get the Tonka trucks from the sandpit to move the dirt. Sometimes the project had dirt going to places we weren’t sure about, but at the end of the week when I asked for my dirt around the tiles for levelling, there it was, the dirt was returned by those mighty workers!

Inspired by this smaller project, work in our Bush Kinder for our new fishpond started with a crew of Tonka diggers driven by the mighty might Kinder Kids and dirt was excavated. We have moved dirt, sand, re-tiled, moved rocks and prepared for the pond, and then moved it all over again.! The work has been amazing and a group of children in wet weather gear, enthusiastic teachers and tonka trucks and wheelbarrows are accomplishing this huge project. We are not certain all the work we have undertaken is for the fishpond at all, but we do know we are exploring lots of tiny projects merging into one outcome…hopefully for the fishpond…it’s dirty work and WE LOVE IT!!

Connie x


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