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Fire! Fire!

Our 4 year old kinder children began learning about fire safety in bush kinder today. The weather was a bit chilly, so the experience was welcomed by our educators and children.

Firstly, the children assessed the environment and conditions to see whether a fire would be safe to light. Then, they brainstormed and collected the elements needed to start to start a fire . Once the fire was started, everyone was keen to feel it's warmth from a safe distance.

Smoke caused movement in the viewing areas, which was behind strategically placed logs serving as a safe perimeter around the fire pit. It was another learning moment and the children had to shuffle around to avoid getting smoke in their eyes. Then, one by one, they practised adding sticks to the fire safely, to keep it going in the cool weather.

All the children passed their first fire safety lesson with flying colours! Next time, they will use a fire to do some cooking.


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