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Our kinder kids have beeee-n busy...

Updated: May 23, 2018

.....And our teachers too with a very special project about bees.

It all started with a question from one of our 4 year old kids in bush kinder, about where do bees live? And has evolved over a term as part of our child and teacher led science learning into art projects, mathematical problem solving, scientific investigations... and even a bee club!

The project has been exciting and has led to engineering, technological experiences, making shapes (the honeycombs in the hive are hexagon) and exploring other shapes. Boy bees are

called drones and this led to mechanical drones. The hexagon shape led to building bridges and balancing.

We have found the learning so exciting that we decided to enter this project in the little scientist STEM competition for 2018. It is a national award and there will be 9 prizes. STEM is science, technology, engineering and maths... (STEAM) includes art.

Thanks to all the children, staff and parents who helped with this project and we wish our kinder kids luck!


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